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Engagement Global is your partner for development policy commitment. Our goal is a fair global coexistence. We are the central contact agency for various kinds of initiatives that support developmental work and we also provide information for and execute educational work in this policy field.

Under the roof of Engagement Global you will find the support that your project needs in order to have a worldwide impact. It does not matter if you need information, consultation, networking partners or financial promotion for your development policy initiative – we are there for you.

What we do

Engagement Global provides information, consultation and financial support in the development policy sector for individuals, civil society, municipalities, foundations and stakeholders from the educational and economic sector. We qualify, connect people and institutions and promote their commitment.

What we offer

  • Information: We offer information about various possibilities to get engaged in the field of development policy. We can inform you if you are looking for long- or short-term commitment in an organisation, a project or in the educational sector – no matter if you want to get involved in Germany or worldwide.
  • Consultation: We supply consultation for individuals, civil society, municipalities, foundations and stakeholders from the educational and economic sector. Furthermore we assist you to get involved in the development policy sector and bring your ideas to life in a sustainable way.
  • Qualification: We support you to get qualified for your project. We convey further trainings and offer seminars which help to bring light into the funding jungle as well as workshops in which methodical suggestions for information seminars are worked out.
  • Funding: We provide financial promotion for organisations and initiatives and give advice on how to apply for funding with the goal to stimulate a fair global coexistence.
  • Networking: We connect individuals, groups, organisations and associations with each other on an international level and promote cooperation aiming at a globally sustainable development across borders.

Our Partnership

Engagement Global is commissioned by the German Federal Government and funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Organisational structure

Detailed information on the organisational structure can be found in the organisational chart.

Engagement Global is a partner for development policy engagement throughout Germany. Come and talk to us.

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