ASA-Kaleidoskop 2016: The SDGs and the private sector/ Chances and contributions (Kopie)

Datum: Freitag, 18. November bis Samstag, 19. November 2016
Uhrzeit: Freitag, 15:00 Uhr bis Samstag, 19:00 Uhr
Ort: 14195 Berlin
Absender: ASApreneurs
Anmeldeschluss: 6. November 2016
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  • What are the challenges and enabling conditions for sustainability in the different world regions, and what opportunities for the private sector arise through the SDGs?
  • How can the private sector contribute to reaching a sustainable global development as intended by the SDGs? What can we learn from already existing business experiences from the global North and South?
  • How can an equal exchange and long-term cooperation between South and North be fostered?


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