About us

Engagement Global gGmbH – Service for Development Initiatives

  • Information: Engagement Global informs about possibilities for development policy commitment – either within an organisation, in terms of projects or educational work, irrespective of whether it is a limited in time or a long term commitment, either at home or abroad.
  • Consultancy: From the initial consultation up to the final evaluation – Engagement Global provides advice to individuals and groups, as well as to organisations and municipalities regarding their plans of getting actively involved in development policy and on the sustainable implementation of projects. Our regionally competent and professional experts will advise you on the contents and formalities from the moment of generating ideas, via the application formalities and up to the implementation and evaluation of the project.
  • Further education: Engagement Global offers possibilities for needs-based further training and education. We link the global learning institutions and initiatives with learners and educators. We also organise information, learning and qualification events on development policy issues and offer comprehensive literature and learning material on a broad range of topics for every age group.
  • Financial assistance: Engagement Global assists you in obtaining funding for the implementation of projects and initiatives. We support you during the application process for financing and advise you on how to comply with the funding criteria.
  • Networks: Engagement Global links individuals, groups, organisations and associations with each other at an international level and promotes cooperation aiming at a globally sustainable development across borders.